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To: All readers
From: Dr. Ner H. Azaula D. D. S. ( General Dentisty)
Offices: 20935 Vanowen Ste., #207, Canoga Park, CA 91303
Phone: (818) 348-7297

1115 W. Colorado Blv., Eagle Rock, CA 90041
Phone: (323)344- 0682

35 Patients were tested by Dr. Ner H. Azaula
Test period: November 1/2002 - September 2/2003 - 10 months and half.

1. After gum surgery: used Ultimate Gum Solution™ by 35 patients.
The result: Excellent - 35 patients, immediately
Good result -
Somewhat good result-

2. Gum infected patients: used by 25 patients
The excellent results - within one day - 10 patients
- Within two days- 10 patients

Good results - Within 15 days - 5 patients
Somewhat good results -

3. Patients with bleeding gums: used by 20 patients
The excellent results - within two days - 15 patients

Good result -
Somewhat good result - Within 7 days - 5 patients

4. Patients with toochache: used by 12 patients
The excellent results - within one day - 9 patients
Good result -
Somewhat good result - Within 2 days - 3 patients

5. Patients with Bad Breath: used by 15 patients
The excellent results - within three days - 7 patients

Good result - Within a week - 8 patients
Somewhat good result -

6. Patients with swelling gums: used by 9 patients.
The excellent results- within 5 days - 5 patients

Good result - Within 7 days - 2 patients
Somewhat good result - Within 7 days- 2 patients

No More Bad Breath

I'd like to share my testimonial with other people who has problem like me. I had a giant problem for a long time, everybody continue to laugh and made signs about me directly in my face. My breath was bad. I came home everyday to brush my teeth and rinsing my mouth until it hurt my arms, and I went to bed every night crying. I have prayed and prayed for a relief. They are still trying to smell my bad breath. Thanks from the Ultimate Gum Solution™, it has helped.
I use everyday now.

Thank you again.

Cerritos, California


I just want to say that this stuff is absolutely fantastic. I was
experiencing severe toothache (I don't think there is a mild type!!).
Within a day the problem eased, now I am virtually pain free.

I have cancelled my dental appointment ( thank goodness!!) realising it was
the gums not a tooth creating the problem. Also, I can even eat ice-cream
with no pain.

Your product really is miraculous. I am just off to check out your
affiliate programe now as I would have no hesitation whatsoever in
recommending your products!!

As I said before I am totally impressed by UGS. I was experiencing horrendous pain which started to alleviate from the first application. After three days I was pain free, and it has not returned. Hurrah!!

Great Britain http://www.womens-natural-health.com


What a blessing I found in Ultimate Gum Solution. It has helped my bad gum infection. I had a root canal on my #7 tooth. It was a long standing abscess that finally exploded into a bad infection. My gums had to be drained, and infections kept occurring. I was in a delema. I had a cyst the size of a dime. The endodonist explain the surgery I needed but agreed to give it more time.

As soon as I got my first bottle I couldn't wait to open it. I used it right a way and still am. I do not have pockets so I just filled the dropper and put in up under my gum (top) as far as I can put it. and swish it around every time I brush. I can move the area under my nose without pain, and my top lip moves better. My gums are not so red, they are more pink now. I love your Ultimate Gum Solution and will continue to use it. I go to the dentist next week I will see what he says and keep you posted I'm sure my gum cyst has gotten small if not gone. Thank you for making this wonderful all natural product, that doesn't really taste too bad at all.
God Bless you Sung.

Donna Stahl
Walled Lake Michigan


"Thank you for your Ultimate Gum Solution™.   I used it for two days and the gum swelling from the infection is completely cleared now.  It is an amazing product.  I want to recommend it to all my friends and business associates.  This will save me lots of money in the long run."

Virgie Dolar
Alhambra, California


"I had a toothache for a few days.  Within 30 minutes of inserting the Ultimate Gum Solution™, the pain and bleeding stopped."

Eun Suk Yang,
Seoul, Korea


"I used Ultimate Gum Solution™ for my gum infection problem. After just one day all my gum infection disappeared. I would like to recommend this product to all my friends. And I saved a lot of money. My dental gum is tight and strong and feels very good now. I don't worry about my gum problem anymore."

Duke Truong, Loan Broker, Huntington Beach, CA.



I don't know where to start, but hear goes. Well my problem started when I developed gum disease a number of years. I did't start to experience the degree of side affects (gum line reseeding, bleeding gums) until about three years ago. When I first came across your web site and saw the info you provide on the USG, I thought that this maybe the answer I'm looking for, so I sign up for your newsletter. Upon receiving your newsletters about the different facts on the disease mention in your report, which I did not knew before. Although I still wanted more info on the product it self and the research back ground, It took me awhile to make up my mind to order the product.
When I finally did. I said let's see if this product really works, because I have been suffering too long without a proper solution to my problem, after trying so many different products out there. I followed the instructions, and I have to say that on my first using UGS I was surprise in how quick it worked for me. I no longer had bleeding gums during the night, that gave me terrible bad breath in the mornings, which I had for years. My overall opinion is that UGS is the best product that I have tried so far with great results for a first time user. I hope with continued use of UGS I won't experience any more reseeding gum lines.

Thanks and all the best!"

New York - December 29, 2003


"I have to tell you how amazed I was with the results of this product. My son has been battling gum & tooth infections off and on for years. He had just finished a round of antibiotics which did work for 2 weeks and then the horrible swelling retuned again. I had ordered this product after I had started him on the antibotics incase the problem returned. After 3 days of using the product, the swelling was gone and has remained gone. I've told my friend who was a dental assistant and she was amazed too. I would recommend this product to anyone suffering with dental problems."

Diane - Rockledge, Fl

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