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70 Years Amazing Secret of Dr. Weston Priceís D.D.S. Research Info Became Factual Proof by Sung Lee, Inventor of Ultimate Gum Solution.

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  2. Our affiliate partners will be paid 40% commission as long as the Preferred Customer Autoship Member stays as active.

    This means if you refer one Preferred Customer Autoship Program, your commission can be paid life time because our product guarantees 100% money back for 365 days.
    Our customers are 60% to 70% are repeated buyers.

    The Affiliate Program is FREE to join and you instantly generate an ongoing stream of Income for life without any cost or obligation on your part. You must operate/own a website to be part of this Affiliate Program.

    You can get paid referral commission for simply linking to a special coded URL that takes your visitors to1stultimategumsolution.com. It is easy to receive between $400 - $900 per month from the 1stultimategumsolution.com, even if your site has low traffic counts. Medium sites Can expect $1,000 - $2,000 per month, and heavy traffic sites can expect $3,000 + per Month.

    How it works: How much will be paid:

    By simply placing links on your site to our website ( We provide simple text links or Banners or audio testimonial buttons), you get paid referral fees for every product sold, based on the payout chart.

    All you have to do is apply and we will send you an email with all the simple instructions on how to setup links from your webpage in minutes.

Products Code Products Referral 40% Commission 20%
PRD0017 $89.91(3+1-ugs) x $0.40 $23.96 $13.98
PRD0018 $119.88(4+2-ugs) x $0.40 $29.00 $17.97
PRD0019 1-ugs Sprayer bottle= $30.97 $10.38 $5.19
PRD0020 $59.94 (2 ugs) x $0.40 $17.97 $9.98
PRD0021 $29.97(1 ugs) x $0.40 $9.98 $4.99
PRD0024 $105.86 (3-ugs+1-ugs free) x $0.40 $30.34 $17.17
PRD0025 $15.95 (1-Oral Irrigator with metal tip)  

Here are just a few reasons to join:

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  • Once you refer new affiliate as Preferred Customer Autoship Member, this PCA member will become repeat buyers of Ultimate Gum Solution. This means you are going to receive commission without doing so much effort. Over 70% are repeat buyers from first purchase of UGS.
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    You can calculate your own commission by referring the number of customers.
  • If you reach 20 or more sales in a given month, we will increase your BONUS!
  • Check yourself how much we are paying for referral commission.
  • Add value to your website
  • Be up and running TODAY - after you register, you will receive our "welcome package" email in 5 minutes with everything you need
  • If someone visit our site and does not buy today, but re-visit the site anytime within the next years and purchases one of our products, you still earn your referral fee!
  • You can track your earnings in real time
  • We take care of everything - charging the credit cards, shipping the orders, and providing any customer service necessary
  • This same affiliate software system is being used to generate over $5.5 million dollars a year. These affiliate programs are oldest system on the Internet. Our systems have been doing business since 1995, so our systems are a proven system and have worked out all of the kinks that make other affiliate programs so unreliable (ie: improper tracking)
All you do is simply place a link to a special URL that we provide you to track the orders.
  • How the program works and when you get paid
  • Screen captures of the "login" interfaces (this is where you would access all of your sales/visitor stats and account information to monitor how much you are making)
  • What is a referral fee?
  • Frequently asked questions
  • How to apply online
Once you have read through this site, to explain the details and answer any questions you may have, the next steps are as follow:
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How The Program Works and When You Get Paid
The Affiliate Program is FREE to join and you can instantly generate an ongoing stream of income for you without any cost or obligation on your part. You simply place a link to us somewhere on your site.(text link or banner link) and we reward
You by giving you 40% of our profit as commission. One thing about our products are 70% repeat sale customers.
You are the answer:
Whether youíre providing information or health products, people visit your website because they respect your expertise and your point of view. They also come for your help in finding further information, something you probably provided by adding links to other sites.
Since our site is UNIQUE, 1stultimategumsolution.com wants to provide the Source for the Solution of your gum disease related problems and provide

Youíll have all the fun:

  • You post links or banner links anywhere on your site where you deem appropriate.
  • Your website becomes even more attractive and helpful to visitors.
  • Your new referral service to UGS site can be online in a matter of hours.
  • You simply link to us and you get paid a referral fee for every product sold.

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Weíll do all the work:

  • We take the orders on our website using our proven software and powerful servers.
  • We handle all customer questions and requests, including cancellations and returns.
  • We package and ship everything.
  • We bill the customers.
  • You simply link to us and you get paid a referral fee for every product sold.

Itís Just This Simple As filling out the application form which once submitted will send you an assigned special URLís that will track your leads into our site.

Step -by- Step Instructions:

  1. Sign up:
  2. Decide how you want to incorporate your affiliate site into your website.
    • You may wish to have our banner(s) on your site which will link them to UGS site. We email you a few banners you can choose from when you join.
  3. As soon as you receive email notification of our approval (which is sent to¬ You within a few minutes) after you apply, and instructions on how to link to us, start displaying the link(s) to the UGS site on your website.
    • Start earning referral fees:
    • Once your application has been approved, youíll automatically begin earning referral fee for sales generated by these links.
    • Youíll receive monthly referral fees checks (we pay out within 5 days after the month ends> and quarterly referral fee statements.
Any Questions?
  • Here are some frequently asked questions.
  • Hereís the complete text of the operating agreement for your review.

What do you have to lose?. try it for a month and see what kind of referral fees you can earn. If you donít like the return, just remove the links to our site. It is that simple.But I am sure that the return will be well worth your while.
Join NOW - Fill out our online application form.
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If you experience any problem,
please email: affiliate@1stultimategumsolution.com

As with any program involving money, certain restrictions apply. See the Affiliate
Program FAQ for more information about referral fees. There youíll also find a link
That takes you to the relevant section of the Operating Agreement ( also found on the application webpage)

Join Now - Fill out our online application form.

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Letís get started!

If you experience any problems, please email: affiliate@1stultimategumsolution.com

Frequently Asked Questions:..
General information: If you havenít already done so, please look over the short description of how the program works. That overview will help to clarify many of the answers on this page.How do I fit the 1stultimategumsolution.com Affiliate Program into my website?
Overview: No matter how you integrate it into your website, we give you complete control. You can have one of our banners on your site as the link to UGS site. We recommend that you link to us on your main page because of the exposure.

For example; you could just have an UGS banner on your main page or you could have us listed in your main menu.
Placing our banner on your site: This is the most common and easiest way to earn referral fees. Simply place an UGS banner on high traffic parts of your website for visitors to click on (banners are supplied with our Welcome Package that is emailed to you after you have applied for the Affiliate Program).
How will my visitors order?
Overview: Simply stated, you link to UGS site. In turn, weíll run everything for you by¬ Recording, processing and fulfilling your customer orders.
Your visitors will visit your website and link to UGS site you present to them.
  • They order¬ our products by using our online ordering process, calling our 800#, or by faxing or mailing in their order.
  • They will order 8 different items by their own choice.
  • They will receive their product shipments via UPS or USPS Priority mail¬ And all other SSLI Health Group products and/or customer service directly from UGS site.
  • It is all hands free. We do all the work and you receive a referral check every month for linking to UGS site.
In more detail:

First, you customers will browse your website and find the description of the UGS information that you have included in your pages. If your description catches their interest and they wish to find out more, they would follow the link you provide to the UGS site. We will then display the main page where they can get the great benefits of our product. There are also webpage that explain each product, where the customer can order directly online, through our 800# or by mailing in a check.

Once the customer begins to finalize an order, UGS product ordering software takes over - running on our server and using the same software used by our customers. From this point forward, theyíll get complete customer service directly from the UGS site, SSLI Health Group.

How will you keep track of the orders coming from my site?
We will provide you with special formatted URLís that you will use to link to our site. These URLís will identify a particular "Affiliate Number" for us to display, and your unique store code which we use to track your referral fees as they are earned.

This number is assigned to you after you apply for the affiliates program. Our custom designed software then hides that affiliate number in all forms of ordering the products.
The affiliates number is hidden in HTML code of the online order forms soothe customer never even sees it. If they order via mail or fax in order forms it is hidden in the address as a "Suite" number like "1123" Fir Ave, Suite #9834. For all 800# orders, they are required to give a "publication number" to get their special online price that is published
On the webpage ( so we can track your order).

We have very sophisticated software that we have complete custom built.
To give you just the basics, we not only use cookies to store your affiliates number in the¬
Appropriate webpage for order tacking, but if the visitors browser has the cookies feature turned off, our software falls back to CGI scripting to track the order.

How will I know how many of each product were sold by the UGS site.

Once you join, we give you a special URL where you can view how many visitors Have traveled from your site to UGS site and how many of each product were sold On a daily basis ( including the customerís name and how they ordered ).
You will receive an email copy of each order moments after it is placed .

You will receive your referral fee check on a monthly basis (we mail out checks within 5 days after the 1st of each month). Or we’ll send your commission by

PayPal.com account.

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Join Now - Fill out our online application form. Click Here to Sign Up!

Letís get started!

If you experience any problems, please email: affiliate@1stultimategumsolution.com